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Suit is timeless, maligned and forever adaptable men’s dress up. It is the basic building block of looking good; doesn’t matter you are an office guy, or a creative type person. Suit gives a man the formal and focused appearance. With a proper suit, you can have a perfect detail and things start to become interesting. This is where a dressing as a man begins.

The men’s fashion trend cycle moves pretty slower in comparison of women fashion. Though time to time different styles come in trend but they are not unique. Many key looks are inspired by the past ones and will guide the fashion of the future also. It means that you can spend more on buying a quality piece of workmanship and you will be able to wear for many years. Let’s take a look on actual suit cuts that are in trend:

Single Breasted Suits: These types of suit are never out of fashion but still dominant, on trend style for the season. This season single breasted suit style evolve two dominant styles:

The sleek cut: this type of suit for men is for the slick chap with the masculinity box. This is mainly inspired by 60s classic style.

The confidence cut: this is the style for those who look for something extra in their life and in their clothing. This cut is the perfect combination of the male physique and classic suiting elements.

Double breasted suits or sports coat: this is the perfect time to add a modern double breasted suit in your wardrobe. These suits are mainly designed to accent and to heightened the perfect masculine figure and well worked shape. In this suit style, the breast pocket is cut to contain pocket handkerchief. Here it is the must to mention that pocket handkerchief is less than a requirement and more style statement. It is the point that can set you apart in a crowded room.

Sack Suit Cut: This suit cut is designed for dress down Fridays. In this cut, the suits shoulders roll down to the wearers just like a sack. This is for the people who are far from the vintage. Add a bling of accessories to your style statements by complimenting your men ethnic wear with saafas, turbans and cuff links.

Three piece Suits: Now the latest arrival in men’s wardrobe is the return of waistcoat. It is the use of same fabric in two other pieces. In a perfect three-piece suit the waistcoat in which V shape breaks between sternum and rib cage.